About Us

We are a small but emerging licensed company with numerous years of experience in the art of tourism.

We have become aware in the last few years that something seems to be missing from the everyday tourist excursion. It is this missing ingredient that makes our company stand out.

Our licensed tourist guides will give you an inside look at the magic of Greece, of what it’s like to be a local. We want you to experience Greece ‘ as a local ‘ not simply a tourist.

We place great emphasis on the quality of our tours ensuring that you as a visitor will be left with a memorable and satisfying experience.

In order to accomplish this we seek out locals that love their home and who want to show you all the places that they themselves would enjoy with their families and friends.

The sights, the restaurants and the cafes that they themselves would enjoy a delicious meal, a coffee or a cool glass of wine.

We would love to show you our country from the point of view of a local!
Don’t hesitate to experience Greece and all it has to offer.