Paros Tours

Paros “Greek night” experience

Long is the night... on a Greek night out!!!

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Paros Private Beach / On board dinner

Don’t just watch Paros’ sunset... experience it!!!

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“Parian Liquids” SHOW!!!

Mix and match...
....mix the tastes and match the Parian spirits!!!

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Amazing “Fyllo Making” – an experience you will never forget!!!

millefeuille…Pastry with thousands of razor-thin layers of puff pastry and cream filling…

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Paros Cooking lessons

Relaxing, entertaining, tasting, experiencing and why not…..taking the experience with you…..?

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Paros Food Tour

The Parian culinary habits that you would love to meet, have been inherited by Parian old people who had to create the most delicious dishes...

from 50 €
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Paros Wine Tour

Cyclades…if not there, then where?
Islands where vineyards and grapes are endless.

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