Paros Food Tour

Duration: 7 hrs

The Parian culinary habits that you would love to meet, have been inherited by Parian old people who had to create the most delicious dishes the sea and their land could offer them, as most of the year those people were cut from the mainland due to the bad weather conditions.

A variety of vegetables, different types of “chorta” (boiled greens), vines, figs and olives, mushrooms, the famous caper, snails cooked not as in a gourmet menu but as a delicious dish that suits our Ouzo perfectly and can’t avoid tasting, oregano and various herbs that are grown on Parian land, a huge variety of fresh fish and sea food and of course the traditional dish of “gouna”, the sundried fish that also goes perfect with your Ouzo or Souma drink.

Over time Parian eating habits were evolved and enriched as communication with the mainland became easier. But still their dietary habits did not change greatly over time. Simple dishes and original flavors still today characterize the cuisine of Paros. The locals still enjoy cooking and sharing their food and homes with visitors, friends and tourists.

Parian cuisine is also characterized by its high nutritional value. It is worth to try the features chickpeas cooked overnight in the oven, snails stew or snails with garlic sauce, bean salad with garlic sauce, eggplant salad and many other delicious tastes.

Do you feel full already? Maybe, but you can’t leave the island without tasting the famous “Graviera”, “Touloumotiri” and “Xinomizithra” cheeses that you can taste together with the “Pariano” crispy bread.

If you wish to experience the culture of Paros and its people, it is worth doing it through their cuisine… It is a whole different story… …so simple but bringing you so close to Mother Earth and her Gifts.

Meeting Point In front of the 100 Gates Church at Paroikia.

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Paros Food Tour