Cyclades…if not there, then where?
Islands where vineyards and grapes are endless.
Only on Paros Island the vineyards are much more than 7000 acres,
when the whole island is 196.000 acres.
Among the three famous wineries,
one of them is a one of the most well-known wine distributers in Greece.
Follow our tour and you will experience the tastes, the aromas,
the places where every step of wine production is taken,
so that you can pride for having tasted
some of the most famous Greek wines in their first home – cellar.
Feel a part of the production, as you will be shown step by step this magical procedure…
Taste, feel, experience and become a part of the production team
of the famous varieties of Mandilaria, Monemvasia and many others!

Entrance Fee Please note that Entrance Fees are NOT INCLUDED in the Tour Price.

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Paros Wine Tour