Rhodes Full Day Shore Excursion

Duration: 6 hrs

Enjoy all the historic sites and tourist attractions of Rhodes, Greece in one action packed day with our Rhodes and Acropolis of Lindos Shore Excursion. The island of Rhodes and its Old Town combine a wealth of African,European and Middle Eastern culture which have been the impetus for its storied 4,000 year history and have contributed to it becoming one of the most popular year round tourist destinations in all of Europe.

Your Licensed Rhodes Tour Guide will be waiting to meet and greet you in the New Port as soon as you disembark from your Cruise Ship.They will be ready to lead the way on what is sure to be an unforgettable Private Tour of Rhodes. The first part of your Rhodes Shore Excursion will take you on a beautiful scenic ride down the coastline to the spectacular Acropolis of Lindos, located about 45 km south of the Old Town of Rhodes, a natural citadel, fortified and occupied throughout history by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Knights and Ottomans alike. The archaeological ruins found at the Acropolis of Lindos reveal the rich and diverse history of this ancient city while its elevated strategic position provides breathtaking views of the nearby coastline making it a highlight of any Rhodes Private Tour. It is here that Saint Paul first landed in 43 AD to spread Christianity on the Greek Island of Rhodes and it is here, over 380 feet above the sea, where you will find a 4th century Doric Temple dedicated to the Goddess Athena.In addition you will view the Greek Orthodox Church of St. John built in the 13th century on the ruins of a church originally built in the 6th century and the Castle of the Knights of St. John, built in the 14th century on the foundations of older Byzantine fortifications.

After making sure to photograph as much as possible, time permitting, you will be given some free time to enjoy one of the most beautiful villages in Greece which is located on the foot of The Acropolis of Lindos for lunch or shopping.

The Rhodes and Lindos Acropolis shore excursion will then take you to Rhodes Old Town one of the oldest in all of Europe and a certified UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The Old Town of Rhodes is celebrated as being the Town of the Knights. It is here as your Rhodes Shore Excursion unfolds where you will find some of the most well preserved medieval ruins in all of the world. Your Licensed Rhodes Tour Guide will help you navigate the labyrinthine of streets and alleyways of this most impressive Venetian Fortress allowing you to enjoy all of its remarkable architecture and history. During your Rhodes Private Tour you will visit the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, the Byzantine Museum of Rhodes, the Gate d’Amboise, St. George’s Bastion and the Gate of St. Paul to name just a few of the landmarks you will encounter. As your Rhodes Shore Excursion continues your local Rhodes Tour Guide will be sure to also take you to the Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Avenue of Knights and the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes.You will find yourself venturing through the massive 14th century Venetian Walls and the imposing Marine Gate out to the Old Harbor where you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Rhodes Old Town, St. Nicolas Tower (Rhodes Lighthouse) and the Rhodian Deer Statutes.


Lindos Archaeological Site
Lindos Town
Rhodes Historical Town
Free time at Rhodes Town
Meeting Point Meeting point at the hotel or the port of your disembarkation.
Entrance Fee Please note that Entrance Fees are NOT INCLUDED in the Tour Price.

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Rhodes Full Day Shore Excursion