Rhodes Old Town and Butterfly Valley Shore Excursion (available from the end of May to September)

Duration: 5 hrs

The Rhodes Old Town and Butterfly Valley shore excursion begins at the New Harbor where your Licensed Rhodes Tour Guide will be waiting to meet and greet you as you disembark from your cruise ship. The first part of your shore excursion will take you to the western side of the island of Rhodes, approximately 27 km from Rhodes Old Town, where the Valley of the Butterflies or Petaloudes, lies. This is one of the most attractive destinations on the island. During August, thousands of butterflies overwhelm the valley in order to reproduce. During the rainy period, the Butterflies in the caterpillar stage remain in the Mediterranean thicket feeding on the foliage. As the end of the wet season approaches, towards the end of May, the final stage is concluded and the butterfly makes her appearance in the form that we all know.

The second part of the Rhodes Old Town and Butterfly Valley will lead you to Rhodes Old Town the designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest towns in all of Europe.
The tour includes the Palace of the Grand Master, a formidable medieval castle built by the Knights Hospitaller, the Byzantine Museum of Rhodes, the Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent, built in the 16th century to pay tribute to the Ottoman Turks conquest of the Crusading Christian Knights, and the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. Your Rhodes Shore Excursion will also make sure that you visit St. Katherine’s Gate, the D’Amboise’s Gate, St. George’s Bastion and the Avenue of Knights, to name just few of the landmarks you will see, not to mention of course all of the Gothic Mansions and Byzantine Churches that you are sure to find along the way.

Before the Rhodes Old Town and Butterfly Valley Excursion comes to an end you will be given free time to explore the New Agora (New Market) which houses a wide variety of shops and assorted eateries where you will be able to taste the local fare and buy some of the local products.


Valley of Butterflies
Rhodes Old Town
Free time at Rhodes Town
Meeting Point Meeting point at the hotel or the port of your disembarkation
Entrance Fee Please note that Entrance Fees are NOT INCLUDED in the Tour Price.

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Rhodes Old Town and Butterfly Valley Shore Excursion (available from the end of May to September)